Pearson Livestock Equipment

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Standard Chute with Palpation Cage

15 Foot Adjustable Alley

3 Section Crowding Tub


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Self Catch Headgate

Manual Headgate

Dehorning Table

XL Chute with build in Palp Cage

Comes with either a right side exit, left side exit, or no side exit

Dutch Doors

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62175712 1 Silencer Squeeze Chutes
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Round Bale Feeder

V-Bar Feeder

Heavy Duty Feeders

Many different options available

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Galvanized Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks

Automatic Waterers

Behlen and Ritchie

2804030728140197 Mineral Feeders
40168012 Calf Pass Panel




Feeder Panels

Heavy Duty