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The MX-V chute is a superior value yet economically priced. It’s breakthrough design is tough enough and big enough to handle a wide variety of animals and designed with the safety of the animals and operators in mind. Features left-hand control operation, single side exit, easy action vertical lift tailgate, double-sided squeeze and includes the CL-5 self-catch headgate.



Wheel Kit Pearson Livestock Equipment 1
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 Pearson Self Catch Headgate


Pearson Dehorning Table

The M1-V is a user friendly, heavy duty chute designed for animal and operator safety. It is capable of handling the largest mature animals yet providing maximum adjustability from 2500 lbs down to 300 lb cattle. Includes right or left hand controls, dual side exits, dual neck access area, dual side access, drop down and detachable sheet panels, and double bottom floor adjustments. Scale brackets on every chute. With split tailgate. The current chute we have has a manual headgate on it.


Original Manual Chute Pearson Livestock Equipment

Pearson Original Chute

Right Side Exit

Self Catch Headgate

Aluminum Vertical Tailgate


Manual Head Control Pearson Livestock Equipment

Pearson Livestock Equipment

Manual Head Control

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62176802  Designed for years of use, the locking tilt and reversible headgate make for flexible operation. The Calf Table is a must for branding, castrating and vaccinating calves up to 450 lbs.

Pearson Palpation Cage

  • Doors on both sides offer access to back of chute.
  • Optional tailgate can be mounted in front or behind palpation cage.
  • Ideal for artificial insemination, pregnancy testing, and as a pass-through gate behind the chute.
 Palpation Cage Pearson Livestock Equipment Alternate View 1
28140197  Palpation Cage Pearson Livestock Equipment


Behlen Country Cattle Equipment Video

Behlen Country MX-V and M1-V Chutes

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Behlen County Unsheeted System 1

180° Sweep with 10′ straight lead-in panel complete with 20′ of adjustable straight crowd alley. Includes drop down no-back.



Provides a portable and self-contained working area to assist with calving and calf acceptance (nursing) problems. The Care Center is an ideal cattle work area for small herds. One-man operation and complete portability make it an essential part of any cattle operation. Accepts any of the Behlen Country Headgates and the squeeze gate is split to allow it to swing out of the way to correct nursing problems or to convert the pen into an area for treating and containing sick animals.